You left Page for some time, but now you’ve returned — what did you miss most about working here?

I missed the high energy that’s always on the floor. In general, most of the folks here are very expressive and passionate. It was a good platform for me to feed off that energy and improve my communication skills. I also liked the opportunity to speak to candidates and clients and learn about a wide range of businesses and people.

How do you think the initial years in Page helped to shape your career?

Yes, it certainly helped me be more structured, communicative, and organized. It was a unique opportunity to interact with multiple business owners and people from diverse backgrounds and varied personality types. It certainly has given me perspective, which is helpful.

Now that you are back in the business, what are you most excited about?

When I was first here, it was an open playing field and we could deal with clients across Industries. This time around, we have adopted a more specific and focused approach, which has helped me gain a specialty in the consumer goods domain. I was excited about handling an entire team and liaising with cross-functional teams as well. It has been an immense opportunity to learn and network.

Where do you think this second phase of your Page career will take you?

My second chapter at Page has so far been better than my first, largely because I now know what to expect and I’ve had the chance to orient myself better for the job. Having lost out on a few years of corporate life, I feel Page provides an opportunity to grow based on performance and I will try and maximise that opportunity.

We are always keen on positive change. How do you think Page has progressed as a company?

I see a lot more faces at work, a lot more candidates and clients. Many more people are aware of us as a company and brand. There has been a lot of progress in terms of internal processes and the culture has remained intact.