Why did you join PageGroup?

Mainly because of the people. While I was undertaking my post-graduation, PageGroup was on campus giving a presentation. I missed the presentation, but I heard a great deal from my classmates. This got me interested in doing more research about the company before going for an interview. The whole process got me interested in areas such as energy, articulation of speech, clarity of thought, the vision of the leaders, achievements at a young age and the training the company provided. The key aspect of the business, its people, is what keeps me motivated every single day at work.

What course has your career at PageGroup taken so far?

I joined the business as a consultant in 2012. This is my first job and PageGroup’s Learning & Development and the on-field training methodologies employed by the leadership team in India provided me with a very strong foundation to my skillset. After two promotions in four years, I am now the Manager for the Sales & Marketing function leading a team of three consultants and one senior consultant.

How do you enjoy your spare time?

I enjoy food, travel and reading – This combination keeps me motivated when I am not at work.

What is your advice for those wanting to join PageGroup?

PageGroup provides opportunities to grow and a platform to perform for any individual who is looking at a merit-based environment. We live by the values that define us and we constantly strive towards excelling in every aspect of our business. If you are an independent individual and like to have an unhindered career growth, then this is the platform for you.