Could you highlight your diverse prior experience and educational background?

I studied economics, taught mathematics, and dreamt of being part of a business. My life before Page was an absolute contrast. My candidates were students, my clients were parents and all the internal stakeholders were almost my parents’ age! Teaching was a joy ride as I was a young and popular teacher, but I gave my dream a shot and Page fulfilled it for me.

Having come from a very unique background, why did you choose to get into the world of recruitment?

I was motivated to take a break from teaching and move into the corporate world. Michael Page has a great reputation for the quality of its talent and its working culture. My desire to be a Michael Page custodian drove me into the world of recruitment. My role as a consultant now is similar to when I was a teacher. It requires a lot of interactions with people, and I believed that I could adapt my existing skillset at the time for recruitment — and it worked!

Now that you have been in three different roles at Page (Team Executive, Associate Consultant, and now a Consultant), how have you evolved as an individual?

My initial days as a Team Executive were a little overwhelming as I witnessed the energy, drive and ambition across the office floor. I realised soon enough that I wanted my name on the revenue board and the pride of contributing to the business. My increasing passion to grow led to two quick promotions. Every roadblock allowed me to grow smarter, sharper and more confident than the previous day.

What advice would you give to individuals who wish to join Page, especially those from a vastly different background?

Michael Page promotes diversity, which is why I am here today. You need to be drive, thrive on competition and embrace the energetic vibe. There will never be a dull day here and the growth opportunities are limitless. An added advantage is that in a world outside of Page, we are often perceived as young achievers!

Sum up your experience at PageGroup in three words.

Inspiring, transforming and congenial.