Prior to PageGroup, where were you and what were your specialisations?

Before joining PageGroup I was working as a news anchor at one of India’s leading business news channels. My work entailed sourcing business stories, interviewing industry leaders and presenting stories. My area of specialisation was networking, gathering industry information and presenting business updates across various sectors

Why did you join PageGroup and what does your current role consist of?

I was ambitious in leveraging my networking and business development skills and PageGroup presented me with the perfect platform to meet business leaders and key decision makers in the industry. The culture at PageGroup is very entrepreneurial and meritocratic. I am currently working as a Senior Consultant in the Banking and Financial Services team. I specialise in recruitment for Private Equity, Venture Capital, Consulting and Investment Banking professionals. Currently, I manage a team of three consultants.

How have your past experiences helped you in your current role?

My past experience involved networking with various industry stakeholders and this role has enabled me to hone my skills further. My past experience in business development has also helped me in my current role. I had to keep myself abreast with all the latest developments in the industry and that ritual has helped me in my current role.

What have been your greatest accomplishments during your time at PageGroup?

PageGroup has given me the opportunity to work independently on very big engagements and ramp up the banking and financial service practice at Michael Page. I think my biggest achievement has been that I was able to contribute consistently and meet the defined revenue targets. It is incredible to note that within a couple of years of establishing the practice in India, our team was able to establish credibility and be recognised as a leader in recruitment in the private equity and venture capital space.
My stint at PageGroup has been incredibly rewarding. Apart from attractive sales incentives,  I also had the opportunity to be a part of the Platinum Club twice in three years. Each year, PageGroup offers a different challenge to you- this year the challenge has been to manage a team of three highly talented consultants. I believe this role is incredibly rewarding and you get many opportunities to learn and grow every day.