Full Stack Developer

Talented Full Stack Developers are always in demand these days, as corporations in all parts of the world rely more and more on their computer and network systems. This is a role that combines the skills and knowledge of Front- and Back-End Developers along with some DevOps, so it will involve working with processes that the end user sees as well as those that work in the background to deliver the website or app.

Duties and responsibilities - What does a Full Stack Developer do?

There will be many duties that the Full Stack Developer will have, including:

  • Planning major projects with input and consultation with end users, clients and senior management
  • Developing and maintaining servers and databases to maximise website functionality
  • Establishing front end website architecture and ensuring its practical usage for relevant stakeholders
  • Writing code for both front and back-end applications that connects databases and networks
  • Build websites and apps from scratch for customers, clients, colleagues and others
  • Reporting to senior management and interested parties on potential issues that can affect the efficient running of the business

Qualities needed for a successful Full Stack Developer

This is a role that requires a great deal of technical know-how, so it will appeal to those who understand not only current technology but who will also have a grasp on the future of applications, software, hardware and cloud computing. An analytical mind is a must, and a studious, methodical approach to the working day will be a major advantage to an applicant.

Good communication skills are a prerequisite for many employers, in part because Full Stack Developers will often need to meet with clients, liaise with colleagues and report to senior management. The most successful individuals tend to have creative minds, are able to work alone and in a group and will be open to new trends in web design that may come along.

Problem-solving is an important aspect of daily work, and there will undoubtedly be times when the stress levels get ever higher, so working well under pressure will be an important plus point. Successful candidates will also have a good understanding of the employer’s business profile and will always pay attention to the company’s specific commercial requirements.

Qualifications and technical skills - How to become a Full Stack Developer?

There are a number of core skills that every Full Stack Developer will usually need to possess. They include a thorough knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and related frameworks such as Angular, React and Vue along with Node.js for JavaScript on the server or in the cloud. Most Full stack rolls will require some knowledge of databases such MySQL, Postgres or Redis along with awareness of DevOps aspects such as hosting, routing, networking and often Cl/CD for cloud deployment.

In some cases, successful applicants will have gained a bachelor’s degree in subjects such as web design, information technology, computer science or computer programming. There are times, however, when recruiters place a greater emphasis on experience, personal qualities, and the desire to learn rather than on formal academic qualifications.

Career development - What is the next step after Full Stack Developer?

Those who come into this role from a previous job can include Web Designers, Front-End Developers, Back-End Developers, DevOps Specialists and Cloud Engineers. As they progress up the career ladder, they could go on to become Full Stack Engineers, Lead Developers, IT Managers, IT Directors and Cybersecurity Analysts.

Salary and remuneration - How much does a Full Stack Developer make?

As befits such an important and highly technical role, Full Stack Developers can look forward to good salaries and rewarding benefits packages.

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