Growing your career

Career progression requires planning and a commitment to continuous development. This section offers guidance on how to remain marketable, position yourself for promotion, handle negotiations around pay and more.

How to stay marketable
Staying marketable is about making yourself indispensable to your current employer or irresistible to a prospective one.

How to get a promotion
Career promotion is about aptitude, ambition and a consistent effort over time. With smart preparation, the right attitude and a good support network, you will be in a strong position to take that next step.

Negotiating a pay rise
The key to successful negotiation is smart preparation. Knowing the market-value of your role, quantifying your contribution to the company, and having a clear idea of what you want is essential for confident negotiation.

Benefits of networking
Active networking is vital to career growth. Often confused with selling, networking is actually about building long-term relationships and a good reputation over time.

Tips for moving into management
As a first-time manager, you are likely to encounter challenges and responsibilities that you have never faced before. To be successful in the role, preparation and a willingness to learn new skills is essential. Here are some tips to help ensure your transition into management runs smoothly.

8 ways to turn an internship into a job offer
Internships provide a great opportunity to gain commercial experience and learn new skills. Participants who stand out and display a genuine capacity for a role may be able to turn their interning experience into a job offer.

How to love your job
Most people get that Monday morning feeling; the alarm goes off and you have to get back into work mode. But if you dread going to work every day, the problem may be more serious.

The value in having a mentor
Establishing a relationship with a mentor can bring a wealth of value throughout your career journey. Here are steps to take to find a perfect mentor.

7 traits of effective team leaders
Common Qualities that effective team leaders have.

Five tips to help you identify your next career opportunity
Find out how to identify a great career opportunity that is right for you. These five tips will put you on the track to sniffing out the next step in your professional life.

5 must-dos for every professional on LinkedIn
Five strategies to help you get noticed on LinkedIn, increase your chance of being headhunted and grow your career using your network.