Changing jobs

Choosing between two job offers

Choosing between two job offers

By | 02 Feb 2016
If you have the luxury of choosing between two job offers, how do you make the right choice?
Top 3 tips for emailing recruiters

Top 3 tips for emailing recruiters

By | 20 Jan 2016
Applying for a new position requires careful strategy on the part of the job seeker. Follow these top tips to give your emailed application the best possible chance of success.
How to resign from your job

How to resign from your job

By | 30 May 2015
Resigning from your job on good terms takes preparation, tact and professionalism. Using the correct etiquette when you resign can strengthen your reputation as a trustworthy and considerate professional; helping to position you strongly for your next move. Find out how to do the right thing by your employer with these tips.
Making a career change

Making a Career Change

By | 26 May 2015
Most job seekers will experience a varied career path over their working life. Essential to making a career change of any scale a success is targeted research and thorough preparation. Follow these steps to maximise your chances of making a rewarding and fulfilling career change.
The role of social media in your job search

The Role of Social Media in Your Job Search

By | 14 May 2015
Employers are increasingly using social media channels to screen potential new employees. Whether you’re an avid user of social media or not, it’s likely to play a role in your job search. Here are our top tips to ensure that you use social media to your benefit in your quest for a new role.
Surviving your job search

Surviving your Job Search

By | 17 Feb 2015
Finding a new job can be extremely challenging – and lengthy, even for the most experienced professional. For the best chance of securing a great new role, you will need to invest a substantial amount of time, energy and effort into the process. Here are some tips to help you stay focused, upbeat and productive during your job search.
Advice for mature age jobseekers

Advice for Mature Age Job Seekers

By | 27 Jan 2015
Although mature age workers face certain challenges when looking for a new role, there are some key ways to maximise the changes of job search success.